The Red Shirt Diaries Episode 29, “City on the Edge of Forever”

| January 13, 2016 | 0 Comments

Last summer, I was asked to do the voice of “The Guardian of Forever” in an upcoming episode of “The Red Shirt Diaries”. It’s a prestigious role, and there was no way I was going to let Ashley and Jason down. Recording the lines was a lot of fun and it’s something I’m proud of.

Check out “The Red Shirt Diaries” on YouTube.

My segment about Star Wars on “Code Forward” with Natali Morris

| December 29, 2015 | 0 Comments

A few days ago, Natali Morris was asking for a Star Wars historian.

My answer got me a guest spot on her show, “Code Forward”. I had a lot of fun doing the show, and talking to Natali about Star Wars. Check it out below.