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World Of Warcast Episode 251, “Stop draggin’ my Ashbringer around”

World Of Warcast Episode 251, “Stop draggin’ my Ashbringer around”

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Life invasions > demon invasions

WoW – still plugging away at exalted

– finished Armies of Legionfall

Diablo III — Season 11 started 8 PM EST on July 20, running a necro

– When I checked at 20 hours in, the highest season necro was level 70 and running level 86 greater rifts (GR 60= T13). I was level 8 and grateful for pants.

– Necro is level 70 running T4 (GR 17)


How to report a bot

Related: Vial of the Sands no longer crowded on the AH

This Week:

– World Quest Bonus Event – rep gained with all Legion factions increased by 50%

– World Awaits quest – 5k order resources for completing 20 world quests

– Kirin Tor Tavern Crawl (July 31st)

– find Tipsi Wobblerune outside your faction’s inn in Dalaran – she will go to diffferent inns every few minutes (pay attention to chat)

– each tavern will have Tavern Enthusiasts, new drinks and food

– some short term items such as Tavern Finery (a hat), food or drink that changes your appearance

– Hozen Pool Party on the Veiled Stair


Changes to world bosses

– bosses like Withered Jim

– rotation is currently random but will be changed to a fixed rotation

Raiding with Leashes V – The Cuteaclysm

– Collect in Bastion of Twilight (3 pets), Blackwing Descent (3 pets), Throne of the Four Winds (2 pets), Firelands (4 pets), and Dragon Soul (3 pets).

– 8 of the 15 pets are elemental pets. There are also 2 magic, 2 dragonkin, and 1 each of mechanical, undead, and beast.

– Achievement reward is the Amalgam of Destruction, an elemental pet.

– Christie Golden writing another novel. No idea what it’s about yet.

– ToS Wing 3 on the PTR

– No more XP or Vista support come October, except Overwatch

– Russell Brower leaving Blizzard after 12 years.

Aker sends us a lot of information about what it’s like to be in Method.

This Week in Trek Episode 300, “The Lorca Maneuver”

This Week in Trek Episode 300, “The Lorca Maneuver”

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So much Discovery news.

New Discovery trailer is up.

Still no shot of the DSC bridge 😀

USS Europa

Different Klingons?

Klingon Death Scream (from TNG)

Possible TOS-type uniform

Shots of Mudd

“Challenge your preconceptions or they will challenge you” (from ENT – Tucker’s Vulcan teacher)

Blue phasers! 😀

Michael’s parents died so Sarek/Amanda adopted her.

“We’re creating a new way to fly”. Better warp drive?

New badges

Composer Jeff Russo. No goofy theme song??

Season 2 coming?…

Doug Jones (Saru) has to walk funny because of the “hooves” his character has.

Ten Forward:

Chris on Twitter: Over the past 300 episodes, what is the most important thing you learned about Trek from your cohost?

Star Trek in pop culture:

Family Guy – Big Man on Hippocampus. Clip: The family is on Family Feud.


Last week in Trek

Episode insight: TNG: The Inner Light

Character insight – The musical instruments of Star Trek

Subspace communications

Ken P.

World Of Warcast Episode 250, “Wrestle with Thyst, prepare for the fist”

World Of Warcast Episode 250, “Wrestle with Thyst, prepare for the fist”

| July 20, 2017 | 0 Comments

Special guest host Thyst (@thyst03) from Lagging Balls fills in for Ren this week!


5/9 Heroic ToS

Friend’s Heroic Lockout before KJ BoE farming (10 man group can expect 5-7 drops, 25% warforge rate. i.e, 4 915s, 1-2 920s)

Doing Deep Six Brawls

Normal Four Piece


Timewalking BT and dungeons done

Timewalking Black Temple with Ali’s guild – so much fun!

Key for Mana Tombs works in Timewalking

Got people some xmog doing Mana Tombs twice

Tried to fix sRaidFrame, but it’s too far gone. Replacement – grid2? Z Perl?

Did the quests for the legendary cloths.

Finally i907!


Method gets first Mythic Kil’Jaden kill (of course). Longest progression race since Al’Akir.

654 wipes!!!

19 new mounts in 7.3!


What will be the new HotS hero? Tease from the Dark Portal.

It’s Gary Hellscream!


Doomfist will be available July 27

Win/Lose rates for OW:

This Week in Trek Episode 299, “Here’s to you, Mr. Weekly Rotating Chief Engineer”

This Week in Trek Episode 299, “Here’s to you, Mr. Weekly Rotating Chief Engineer”

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In Manitoba Canada, the Personalized license plate: ASIMIL8 license plate revoked as offensive to native people. Lic plate frame says “WE ARE THE BORG. RESISTANCE IS FUTILE.” The Justice Center for Constitutional Freedoms is advocating for owner to get plate back.

Also communicator & phaser close-up videos. See @startrekcbs

Ten Forward:

Chris on Twitter: Do u feel there should have been closure for all TOS characters?

Star Trek in pop culture:

The Defiant Ones, Part 3 – HBO. A recording industry bigshot talking about Jimmy Ee-oh-vee-nee of Interscope records fame.


Last week in Trek

Episode insight: TOS S3: Turnabout Intruder

Character insight – Jim Shimoda and Sarah MacDougal

World Of Warcast Episode 249, “Rainstorm Renata”

World Of Warcast Episode 249, “Rainstorm Renata”

| July 13, 2017 | 0 Comments

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Windchanneller’s Raiment – an old secret?

Tried working on ToS – long story.

Got in two BT raids that fell apart before the first boss.


Still mostly playing Diablo III – keeping up with Exalted, sort of

Season 11 starts July 20 . deciding what my toon will be (necro or witch doctor)


Black Temple timewalking is out!

Make sure to talk to the NPC in Shatt first.

You queue by having the raid leader talk to the NPC, and then you’re all ported there.

“This is harder than timewalking”. No, it IS timewalking. It’s a raid, fool.

Lockout has been hotfixed.

Don’t forget to xmog before you go! 😀

“Appear Offline” coming to

New caster animations

Overwatch League is officially starting

Blizz pulling back from SDCC-exclusive items – merch will premiere at SDCC and then will be sold online.

It’s official as of 10:45 AM today: Kil’jaeden the longest lived mythic mob since Cataclysm – beats Archimonde (16 days). Current recordholder: Al’Akir (42 days)

Mythic Invitational

– PVE esports tournament

– How it works:

– July 25-August 8: group runs mythics and submits their 5 highest Mythic Keystone runs to Blizzard.

– Blizzard chooses top 8 teams from each of the 4 regions (Americas, Europe, Asia-Pacific and China)

– September Regional Playoffs – single elimination until 2 teams remain – each region gets one streaming day. Blizzard chooses the dungeon (presumably different each time so no one can prepare?)

September 16: China

September 17: Asia-Pacific

September 23: Europe

September 24: Americas

– grand finale: remaining 8 teams battle it out

– Prizes: 1st: $50k 2nd – $20k, 3rd/4th $10k, 5-8: $2500


World Of Warcast Episode 248, “I found pants!”

World Of Warcast Episode 248, “I found pants!”

| July 6, 2017 | 0 Comments

The woes of trying to get rep with factions that come and go.

Dealing with Dubenko the Turtle.

Don’t forget farm rep if you’re working on Pandaria rep.

Vial of the Sands is returning 30k gold in a matter of hours. Is that good?

This week in WoW:

Pet event: 200% xp

Darkmoon Faire ends Sunday am

Tuesday July 11 – Tomb of Sargeras – second wing opens to raid finder July 11, Burning Crusade timewalking

**BREAKING** Doomfist is up on the Overwatch PTR

Ren talks at length about the Diablo III Necromancer

This Week in Trek Episode 297, “Model-T Borg”

This Week in Trek Episode 297, “Model-T Borg”

| July 4, 2017 | 0 Comments

Special guest Cara (@Xandara) fills in for Darrell!


Discovery says lots of Klingons and Game of Thrones-type deaths.

Don’t get too close to the characters.

Follows the GoT/WTD model, but is this good?

I say, let’ discuss!

Kate Mulgrew at DCC

“There’s very little of that 7 years that I didn’t love… except the technobabble.”

Aron Eisenberg on Twitter

How to break up: Star Trek style

I’m sorry, but the easiest way is to ask her to chew your food for you. Trust me. 😉

Armin Shimerman on Twitter

Been absent for awhile.But I do have a proud announcement. I am the newest Shakespeare professor at the University of Southern Calif (USC) !

Ten Forward:

Chris on Twitter: What is the longest period of time that went by without u watching any Star Trek?

Star Trek in pop culture:


Last week in Trek

Episode insight: Voyager S6 – Dragon’s Teeth

Character insight – Quark

Subspace communications