This Week in Trek Episode 323-Discovery Edition, “Slayer of Amazon Prime”

This Week in Trek Episode 323-Discovery Edition, “Slayer of Amazon Prime”

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Our look at Star Trek Discovery Episode 10, “Despite Yourself”

World Of Warcast Episode 273, “Role playing is exhausting”

World Of Warcast Episode 273, “Role playing is exhausting”

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Going for the drake achievement — sort of

Got 3 fel eggs this week: 1 Felglow Mana Ray mount, 1 Fel-Afflicted Skyfin pet, and

Now “the Exalted” … “the Beloved” next??

Slowly getting everyone completed with the Argus campaign

New toon: male blood elf protection paladin (going to go brewmaster monk for N&A) – almost level 40

Discussion: What makes you keep an alt? (@Cattarina and the “nursery of alts”)


More Ulduar achievements

Still can’t do XT. Tried on alts. Just bad luck.

Going to finish up Argus because I’ve neglected it too long.

This Week in WoW

Third wing of Antorus is open

Battleground bonus event

Darkmoon Faire opens Sunday

Did we all watch Jeff Kaplan by the fire?


Legion Attunement Tracker on Wowhead now tracks Allied race unlock requirements

Nightborne unlocks with completing Suramar (Good Suramaritan)

Highmountain unlocks with completing High mountain (Aint No Mountain High Enough)

Void Elf and Lightforged Draenei open with completing the Argus campaign (You Are Now Prepared!)

Attunement tool at

New hunter pets on PTR for 7.3.5 – including ones obviously meant to be starter pets for new allied races

Nightborne: Manasaber

Highmountain Tauren: Great Eagle

Void Elf: Voidstalker

Lightforged Draenei: Lightforged Talbuk

Other hunter pets include beasts clearly from Argus, such as umbralfins, dustcloaks, and chitinbuks, and ones clearly associated with Silithus like silithids, flying hornets, scorpids, and spiders

Allied race racials: more complete data. (Speculate on best classes?)

Nightborne: Hunter, Mage, Monk, Priest, Rogue, Warlock, Warrior

+15 to inscription=, increased magical damage by 1, access maili for 1.5 minutes (cooldown 10 minutes), A Force Shield that deals arcane damage and snares them by 50%, lasts 20 seconds (no info on cooldown), 1% magic resistance

Highmountain Tauren: Druid, Hunter, Monk, Shaman, Warrior

charge that knocks down enemies for 1.5 seconds (2 minute cooldown), +15 to mining and faster mining, +1% to versatility, overall damage reduction by 330 (scale?) and increased chance to loot additional meat and fish.

Void Elf: Hunter, Mage, Monk, Priest, Rogue, Warlock, Warrior

1% reduction of shadow and arcane damage, “your abilities have a chance to empower you with the essence of the void” (?), reduces void storage and transmog costs by 50%, spell casts not delayed by taking damage, and a built-in rift teleportation similar to warlock gating (2 minute cooldown).

Lightforged Draenei: Hunter, Mage, Paladin, Priest, Warrior

20% extra xp for killing demons, +10 to blacksmithing plus summoning a Forge of Light on demand, reduce holy damage by 1%, call down a strike of holy energy damaging enemies within 5 yards after 3 sec, and “erupt with light upon death, dealing holy damage to enemies and healing allies).

Speculation: Allied races are not going to be introduced in 7.3.5, but there are plenty of files being pushed to the servers about four of the six races, which gives Bliz the option of releasing them before the expansion. Thoughts?

Original dry run of Leeeeroy Jenkins video

From the Discord:

How to do less damage for raid achievements, without having to de-equip items or gear:

From @OPH on Discord: brought up there was a toy or shirt that used to exist that would reduce damage output by 90%. This is true. Whole Body Shrinka toy, which shrinks you down to a tiny size and does reduce your damage output to about 10% — lasts for 3 minutes but has a 30 minute cooldown.

Soft Foam Sword also allows you to “mortally wound” a trivial enemy, but it isn’t usable in dungeons or raids.

What else could be done? Came up with a cheap engineering solution even non-engineers can use.

Further discussion on queuing a Broken Shore class hall mission for Broken Shore Campaign –

@settlersrule said he was forced to take a 3 day elite mission because that was all that was available. Tips on how to manage this situation.

From Twitter: Going back to my report that the Murky world quest dismounts you when you fly over it, apparently it’s not just Murky, but any quest where you morph. @Frenzol informed me the wisp quest in Val’sharah does the same thing.

This Week in Trek Episode 323, “Who Mourns for Scotty’s Coffee?”

This Week in Trek Episode 323, “Who Mourns for Scotty’s Coffee?”

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What’s with Scotty and coffee? [clip] 00:12

Free month of CBS All Access with code word “BINGE”.

Black Mirror Trek Episode.

Ten Forward:

Chris on Twitter: If u could make a New Years resolution for the people in charge of Trek, what would it be?

Star Trek in pop culture:

“The Chair” a show on Starz where 2 1st-time directors make the same movie.

In this clip, they’re scouting a location (refinery) that looks like a Borg ship. Also, Zachary Quinto is a series producer.

Last week in Trek

Episode insight: ENT: S4, Terra Prime

Character insight: Peter Weller’s characters in Star Trek

Subspace communications

World Of Warcast Episode 272, “Bacon!”

World Of Warcast Episode 272, “Bacon!”

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Thanks to Cara for filling in for me last week – also thanks for the tips on how to speed up load screen times

Hit Revered with Argussian Reach, Exalted with Scryers and Shado-pan

Finished 6 out of 7 class mount quests for my 110s (druid, mage, rogue, hunter, warlock, and priest) – only warrior to go

thoughts on class mount quests and how class mounts are treated differently

Finished 150 mounts usable on 1 character for the Jade Pandaren Kite (currently at 164)

Got 3 Shado-pan mounts and a couple “unsolicited” mounts – Wild Dreamrunner and Crimson Slavermaw

Finished Argus campaign on 3 characters (druid, warlock, and rogue)

One stupid three star Crispy Bacon recipe short of finished with cooking with warrior


Nothing this week. Too busy.

This Week in WoW

Continuation of Winter Veil

Mists of Pandaria Timewalking

Shaman Challenge: 2 new finishers = Rokica and Settlersrule

Discussion: 2017 In Review

This Week in Trek Episode 322, “Faith of the Fletcher”

This Week in Trek Episode 322, “Faith of the Fletcher”

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Screenwriter Mark L. Smith tapped to develop script for Tarantino Trek.

Star Trek: Discovery Pinewood Toronto Studios To double in size.

Friday, January 12, Hockey: the Florida Panthers vs. the Calgary Flames — and also Star Trek Night. Each ticket includes a cool Star Trek commemorative piece.

Star Trek: Bridge Crew (Ubisoft) is now playable without VR on PS4 & PC.

Ten Forward:

Chris on Twitter: After Trek 5, were u surprised they made a 6th film? Also, were u also surprised how good Trek 6 was compared to 5?

Star Trek in pop culture:

“Let’s Be Evil” 2016. Horror/Sci Fi about young adults caring for a group of gifted kids being specially trained in a VR world.

Clip1: One of the caretakers comments on the glasses “I feel like Geordi LaForge – Star Trek”. 00:06

Clip2: The same person comments on a VR test being given. 00:29

Last week in Trek

Episode insight: ENT: S4, Demons

Character insight – Gabler from TAS

Subspace communications

World Of Warcast Episode 271, “Antorus Slurpees”

World Of Warcast Episode 271, “Antorus Slurpees”

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Special Guest Cara (@xanadara) joins us!


Achievements continue

More from Ulduar

Still having problems with XT

May be my fault – timing of the bots/heart

Got “Maybe He’ll Get Dizzy”

Got my mount

Are we at that point in the game where we finally take our time and slack off a bit?

Cara: Warcraft news lately is all about the future: patch 7.3.5 datamining, Battle for Azeroth speculation… focus on the here and now? Lean in to your community for keeping the game fresh while waiting for new content

*Cara news*

Campfire Chronicles

@CampfireChronic on Twitter and

RCC at 7/11 Normal Antorus

SALE! ~ 50% off most pets, mounts, and transmog helms

Seasonal Event! ~ Winter Veil is up til January 2nd

HazelNuttyGames’ video:

Globe Yeti wild battle pet spawns in the snow globes! Ironforge and Org, not Dalaran – one spawns every 30min

Elixir of the Rapid Mind no longer drops from Savage Gift

Don’t forget to do the followup to You’re a Mean One…, as it rewards Smokywood Pastures Special Gift, which has a small chance to contain Winter’s Grasp or Flames of Ragnaros. *weapon enchantment illusions for transmog*

New Winter’s Veil music was added in Patch 7.1

Farm the mount from Hillsbrad Foothills with characters level 60+

Use the teleporter to Dalaran Crater in new Dalaran to get there quickly

From Discord: Ali – The year is winding down. Maybe talk about favorite moments of the year? Or favorite part of/memories of Winter Veil?

Raaaaaidinnnnng! ~ Antorus LFR Wing 2 opened this week. This includes the bosses Portal Keeper Hasabel, Eonar the Life-Binder, and Imonar the Soulhunter. Wing 3 opens January 2nd.

Overwatch winter wonderland loot boxes up until Jan. 2

This Week in Trek Episode 321, “I’ll take shape-shifters for $100”

This Week in Trek Episode 321, “I’ll take shape-shifters for $100”

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gorn_captain: NEWS: During a press conference at New York Comic Con, executive producer Akiva Goldsman confirmed that Spock will not appear on Star Trek: Discovery, despite some references to the characters already popping up in episodes of the new series.

Titles for the next six episodes of Discovery:

10. “Despite Yourself”

11. “The Wolf Inside”

12. “Vaulting Ambition.”

13. “What’s Past is Prologue”

14. “The War Without, The War Within”

15. “Will You Take My Hand?”

Ten Forward:

Chris on Twitter: Were u glad that there was never a cliffhanger ending to a TOS episode that left u hanging for a resolution for months? (Best of Both Worlds)

Star Trek in pop culture:

“Security Now” Youtube tech series.

Last week in Trek

Episode insight: TAS: S1E6 The Survivor

Character insight – Mr. Arex

World Of Warcast Episode 270, “That’s it?”

World Of Warcast Episode 270, “That’s it?”

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Life Invasion continuation – won’t be here next week

Yes, I was making a mountain out of a molehill, or YES DAMNIT I CAN FLY NOW

How the raid really works for getting Good Suramaritan

The overwhelmed WoW person’s quick and dirty guide to getting flying

Stupid flight bugs — Murky, stop dismounting me!!

Working on getting my neglected toons un-neglected

Pro tip: If you’re two manning dungeons in WoW, pay attention to dungeon difficulty setting


Yes, you can even screw up 25-man achievements.


Still no new mounts.

This Week in WoW:

Method has finished mythic Argus

320 pulls

Winter Veil starts this week (Dec 16-Jan 2)

New stuff

Hearthstation toy – sets out an “improved” Hearthstone table to play. No confirmation where this is from but possibly from Gently Shaken Gift

Winter Veil Gift is a Toy Weapon Set, which lets you spar with other players. Gives achievement Don’t Play Wi th That In The House

New pet: Globe Yeti. Probably wild, no data on where it is yet

And all the usual stuff — garrison decorations, presents, the Greench dailies

Cara has a new podcast w/ Plaggy Boy called “Campfire Chronicles” – stories about WoW



Trial of Style Season 2 is up.

If you buy the trial, the game banks up your XP post-cap and then gives it to you when you buy it.

NOT SURE HOW I FEEL ABOUT THIS. What about all the stuff I have in my bank?

Several reagents no longer exist: Greater Astral Essence, Lesser Astral Essence, Greater Mystic Essence, Lesser Mystic Essence, Greater Nether Essence, Lesser Nether Essence, Nexus Crystal, Large Glimmering Shard, Small Glimmering Shard, Soul Dust, Vision Dust, Small Glowing Shard, Large Glowing Shard, Dream Dust, Small Radiant Shard, Large Radiant Shard

Illusion Dust is now Light Illusion Dust

Newbie zones are now 1-20.

Ren’s on the PTR on Renatta (two Ts) on Benedictus. I have a channel “worldofwarcast” if folks on Benedictus want to chat while online.

Discussion (@thecowking): What should you farm or bank to prepare for the upcoming expansion?

Discussions in Discord:

The Profession Manifesto for Battle for Azeroth – We want professions that aren’t gated. Also, spend more time focusing on usefulness than story

Cattarina’s idea of having a Discord channel for weekly achievements.

This Week in Trek Episode 320, “Rainbow alert”

This Week in Trek Episode 320, “Rainbow alert”

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Tarantino Trek will be rated R.

Anthony Rapp gets on the first IDW Discovery annual

Ten Forward:

Chris on Twitter: What is the best and worst Star Trek Christmas present you have received?

Star Trek in pop culture:

Jeopardy 00:18

Last week in Trek

Episode insight: Voyager S4E24, “Demon”. Directed by Anson Williams

Character insight – Crewman Nelson

World Of Warcast Episode 269, “Studly”

World Of Warcast Episode 269, “Studly”

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McAdoo fired (and so was Jerry Reese) … Geno Smith didn’t win the day and Eli is back

Life invasions, but managed to do some gaming

Mod of the Cast: MaxDPS (for remembering how to play forgotten toons)


More achievement hunting.

XT seems to be problematic.

Staying buffed all winter may be buggy

Forgot to do Algalon

Next week – all 25-man

Still need that 5-man Scholo one.

I started working on addons. Finally.

This Week in WoW

Darkmoon Faire ends Sunday

PvP week next week – Arena Skirmish and PvP brawl weekly events

Feast of Winter Veil starts on the 16th

Kobolds and Catacombs has an epic trailer. I still won’t play it.


Shaman Challenge: No new finishers, but Rokica and Settlersrule both reached 100

From last week: Artifact Knowledge 55 cap reached

7.3.5 hit the PTR

Zone levels: While the continent zones all have the same upper limit, the lower limit varies, more or less matching the lowest level needed to enter the zones today (so no going from 10-60 in Silithus)

In the 1-60 Azeroth zones, once you hit 40 you can go anywhere

How will this affect storylines? You can’t jump from Redridge to Burning Steppes, can you?

Racial embassies

Horde embassy in Org, Alliance in SW

Seems to be where you will recruit unlocked races in the expansion

Racial abilities and racial mounts datamined by Wowhead,

Dalaran Mailroom quest and minigame – pick up “Lost Mail” near a Dalaran mailbox to start (not sure about respawn time or frequency)

Rewards: the Mailemental pet

A toy to summon Katy Stampwhistle, a mail assistant who will “deliver and retrieve mail until she is called elsewhere”

Discussions from Discord: How to level fishing as fast as possible

Margoss + Ancient Vrykul Ring/Rusty Queenfish Brooch = Fast Leveling

How many vanilla players does it take to change a lightbulb?