This Week in Trek Episode 335, “Got anymore of those emotions?”

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From CBS on Twitter: “The backdrop of Season 1 was war. Next season will have a more exploratory and diplomatic tone.”

Season 2 will be 13 episodes.

Filming begins in April.

Shazad Latif is confirmed to be back.

Jonathan Frakes to direct an early DSC S2 episode.

If CBS re-merged with Viacom (Paramount), CBS management would be in charge.

Terry Farrell and Adam Nimoy got married yesterday


Ten Forward:

Chris on Twitter: At the dentist office now. Do u think there will be a need for dentists by the 23rd century?

Star Trek in pop culture:

Levar Burton was on Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me last weekend.

Episode insight: TNG S6: Descent part 2

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