This Week in Trek Episode 331, “Three lieutenants and a baby”

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My prediction for DSC S2: Burnham will have a Klingon baby.

Why didn’t Saru’s hackles go up 100 times on the Mudd Time loop episode ?

DSC: 56M, GOT: 42M,

The Nimoy doc being on iTunes in spring that I posted in Discord

Today is the 3rd anniverary of Nimoy’s death

Ten Forward:

Chris on Twitter: What commonly used Trek tech (no Technobabble) do u think has zero chances of ever becoming invented? My first choice is inertial dampers.

Star Trek in pop culture:

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee – Jerry Seinfeld talking to comedians. Here, talking about gambling. S4, E12


Last week in Trek

Episode insight: DS9 S3: Through The Looking Glass

Character insight: Buck Bokai

Subspace communications

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