World Of Warcast Episode 278, “Meat II Pet”

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Life invasions: thank you Cara – did not touch Love is in the Air

Naked & Afraid monk: level 95, 3 days 22 hours, 46k gold

Northrend: Leveling time slow, money amazing

Pandaria: Leveling time medium-fast, money good

Draenor: Leveling time medium-fast, money bad


Life invasion

This Week in WoW

Lunar Festival starts 2/17, runs to 3/3

Love is In the Air ends tomorrow

Battleground bonus event starts Tuesday

Ulduar Timewalking


Dungeon XP hotfix to bug introduced in 7.3.5

Side effect to creature scaling broke awarded XP in some situations

Significantly increased XP awarded for queuing for random Normal dungeons, Classic through Draenor

Mobile Auction House has been restored

New mount: Shu-zen, The Divine Sentinel – $25 in Blizz store (6 months game time for Chinese servers) – and fixed a scaling bug

Battle for Azeroth: Alpha Build News

Tons of class changes but these tend to change a lot over alpha/beta

Allied races

New allied race? Orc based – either Mag’har or Frostwolf Orcs (brown orcs)

Datamined orc armor and a Mag’har Direwolf mount

Dark Iron Dwarf racials

Dungeon Delver: 4% increased indoor speed

Fireblood: Removes all poison, disease, curse, magic and bleed effects and increases primary stat by 100 for each removed. 2 min cooldown

Forged in Flames: 1% physical damage reduction

Mass Production: 2x speed creating blacksmithed items

Mole Machine: Summons a Mole Machine that tunnels through the earth (30 min cooldown)

Non-caster damage that used to be calculated on weapon damage is now based on a combo of weapon damage and attack power to help bring better balance between classes that rely heavily on weapons vs. those who do not

Return of Pepe: New Pepe costumes include a scuba costume and a Zandalari mask

Hunter pet specialization:

All pets will have equal damage, health and armor (all can tank or DPS equally well). Old designations Ferocity, Tenacity or Cunning will continue as categories, but as categories of pet families, not as descriptions of their utility

All pets will have Growl and Dash or Swoop

Pet families now each have a special ability – one active, one passive, depending on their category (examples: the passive for Ferocity is a 3% leech, for Tenacity, 10% max health, and for Cunning, 8% movement speed buff)

Each pet family will get one of six different abilities. Examples include a healing reduction debuff, reduced damage, increased dodge, etc.

Profession changes: (just noted things that are different or interesting) Major squish: Max profession skill cap going from 800 to 200

Alchemy preview:

Tinctures – trinkets with combat buffs based on the flask you’re currently using

Usual transmutes of changing one profession material to another. Also Fish to Gems and Meat to Pet.

Blacksmithing preview:

New stirrups for speed and interacting while mounted in the new zones

Khaz’gorian Hammer – blacksmithing hammer replacement that gives a chance to give crafted armor or weapons the Indestructible property

Cooking preview: Nothing special

Enchanting preview: Nothing special


Portable transmogger

Portable stable master

Herbalism: Nothing special


Contracts: Enter a contract with a faction that allows you to gain reputation with them every time you complete a world quest in the new zones


+5% experience gem


Scuba gear

Mining: Nothing special

Skinning: Nothing special


finally getting a bag upgrade – 1 30 slot bag (same as HW), 1 32 slot bag

Hot Air Baloon pet

First Aid getting at least a revamp – may be removed entirely and folded into Tailoring

First Aid achievements will become Legacy Feats of Strength

Now listed as “legacy”.

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