World Of Warcast Episode 277, “Caraclysm”

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Special guest host Cara(clysm) (@xandara) fills in for Ren.


Rep grinding is making me bored.

Even if I did this when it was new, I find it dull because it’s too repetitive.

50% boost in rep from Sign of the Emissary, so go do it!

I also haven’t upgraded yet. When I get to exalted in all 4, then I’ll do it. No rush now.

Farming for the Love Rocket. No drops.

Achievement runs


Heroic Antorus 2/11, first bosses aren’t too different

Haven’t upgraded to BfA yet because I still feel like I have plenty to do without it right now, curious to see how long that will last

But also I don’t really care about things as much as I used to? Like it’s still super fun! But I don’t feel like I NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED it. I.e. Love Rocket runs, I do them when I can but I don’t frustrate myself trying to fit them into my day

I did claim my character names I want for my BfA allied race alts though. Seems they freed up a lot of names recently so if you have a name you couldn’t get before, give it a shot now!

Me too! -MG (kek)

This week in WoW

Darkmoon Faire until the 11th

Lunar Festival starts a week from today



BfA alpha is going out to some people. Not me 🙁

Watched a few streams. Some people need to learn how to stream (don’t be rude!)

I found the starting areas to be ok. Didn’t watch long. Wasn’t anything really impressive yet.


Nightborne faces should match what was selected

Fire mage damage increased by a whopping 3%

Hunter BM damage increased by 2.5%

From Discord:

BfA comes with a level 110 boost

Shout out to PurpleMoose in Discord who was struggling what to do and used it for a Nightborne rogue.

Utheron – bad experience with a GM. Was trying to make him switch specs.

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