World Of Warcast Episode 275, “Hand-harvested free-range Cobalt Ore”

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N&A monk now level 62 with 1 day 20 hours /played and almost 15k gold

Utilized the one-switch rule to respec from brewmaster to windwalker around level 45

Went “in order” until about level 40, and then went out of order doing zones where I had no transmogs (Burning Steppes, Stonetalon, and Southern Barrens) – thank you All The Things.

Finished to 60 in Winterspring to level up mining

Went straight to Northrend (Howling Fjord), skipped Outland entirely


Working on rep and mounts.

Still working on that Nerf Scrapbots achievement. Is it bugged?

This Week in WoW

Burning Crusade Timewalking

Call of the Scarab ended Tuesday

Arena Skirmishes start Tuesday

Kirin Tor Tavern Crawl mini event Wednesday


Battle of Azeroth Collectors’ Edition perks datamined – – Seabraid Stallion (Alliance), Gilded Ravasaur (Horde) and Tottle (turtle pet)

Shu-zen, the Divine Sentinel flying dog mount datamined – probably part of Lunar Festival (Year of the Dog) starting Feb 16

Transmog bug – people reporting not being able to transmog while wearing some items from [Satchel of Helpful Goods]

Changes to Recruit a Friend:

Experience gains reduced from 200 to 50%.

Heirloom XP bonus no longer stacks with RAF XP bonuses

Patch 7.3.5 hotfixes this week

Lost Mail – now properly spawns at random Dalaran locations and Postmaster title is now account-wide.

Fixed the Normal/Heroic HP pool boss switch

Raiding fixes take boss HP levels BELOW previous levels

Fixed the bug that made pet names disappear

Boulder quest in Redridge has been fixed

Patch 7.3.5 – Leveling

Transitions between expansions

No big gear reset until level 61, when item levels jumped from 60 to 80

Professions do transfer but not smoothly

When you buy your skill for mining/herbs from 300, it now goes to 450 instead of 375 (both expansions)

Experience with mining: could gather and learn to smelt both Fel Iron (Outland) and Cobalt Ore (Northrend). Started with 252 mining; could only gather Cobalt Ore Nuggets

By level 325, still only collecting nuggets. Went to Outland and confirmed I could collect whole Fel Iron Ore. However, Fel Iron was gray (getting no skill). Cobalt Ore still orange (getting skill)

Last level to get Cobalt Nuggets: 340. Started getting whole cobalt at 341. Cobalt Ore gathers still orange and still getting orange skill from smelting. Turned Yellow at 350. Turned Green at 362.

Can get 80+ mining skill points off smelting alone (started slowing down at 355) – market has not caught up on all servers, but on Silvermoon ore is selling for 5x more than bars.

Filius reported re: manufacturing professions, also skipping to Northrend: There are recipes to make things at your level, but the results may not be usable. Was making potions that he could create in low 60s that were only usable by mid-70s.

Idea: how to find what’s good to sell?

Naked & Afraid 2018

Cattarina is new winner of the Shaman Challenge with 2 days 1 hour

Up to 41 participants, 28 of whom are now 20 or over

All classes represented, with most popular being druids (9) and monks (7); least represented, shaman (1) and priest (2)

8 participants currently have more than 1000 gold. Two have 3000 or more, and one has nearly 15,000

Minor rule clarifications:

Auction mules may not do anything but buy and sell — no primary or secondary skill use (cooking, disenchanting, smelting).

Some confusion over mounts and which you can use

Some confusion over use of inherent class abilities such as hunter pet respeccing and use of monk daily

Filius is also live streaming

Lessons Learned: Lessons in the leveling experience from our Discord family

Restrictions: not as bad as Ironman Challenge

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