World Of Warcast Episode 274, “Gallywix of Silvermoon”

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Ren –

Did transmog count, found out only had 17% of mail transmogs

Kind of Argussed out

Running WoW off new SSD .. makes an enormous difference

Mike –

Still having problems with XT achievement. One day we get to 18, the next, 0

I got a pony!

I lost 700 achievement points, probably due to rearranging the achivements.

Mournful Moan of Murmur is now up and running after TWO YEARS of being broken.

I have not yet tried to level a toon yet.

The price of Celendras dropped like a rock. From 750k to 50k.

When you go into Ulduar, it’s now 10-man no matter what you set raid to.

It took forever to kill Galleon and Sha of Anger.

Zone quests are now gauged by chapters, not numbers of quests completed.

I was mailed all the new mats.

This Week in WoW

Pet Battle Event

Call of the Scarab – Jan 21-23

Patch 7.3.5

Patch notes:

Undocumented patch notes

Known issues:

Mobile/web AH disabled

Dungeon boss HP levels reversed Normal vs. Heroic

Raid boss difficulty – difficulty turned up for Warlords/Pandaria raids to put in line with leveling characters but overtuned them

Pet names disappearing

New backpack slots not showing up right away for new authenticators

Last wing of Argus LFR was bugged – if you wipe you can’t get back in

Redridge quest Saving Foreman Oslow not working

Patch 7.3.5: Leveling

The leveling experience: uneven reviews

Journey vs destination

Ren’s personal experiences doing N&A and feedback from the N&A participants

Professions: 1-60 profession progression still klunky

Still have old gathers (copper ore, thorium ore, peacebloom, goldthorn) tied to former zones

Level gains from herb/ore gathers still about the same as it was – about 1.7% of total level XP per gather for lower level gathers (reduces over time – was down slightly below 1% at level 63)

Leather/cloth gathers still tied to former zones (eg. leather experiment in Azeroth, cloth in BC/WOTLK)

Mobs and equipment scale to the toon, but profession drops still scale to the zone

Pro: You can still do predictable lower level farming

Con: Leveling might be a freedom of choice experience, but leveling professions is not — still tied to old zone definitions

Solution: Flatten mats to three tiers — levels 1-20, 20-40 and 40-60.

Enchanting squish did not go far enough, may have skipped guild banks entirely

Naked & Afraid 2018

Ren is level 19 in N&A – not highest toon but has the most gold (Maxx, gnome outlaw rogue, is level 30 with 9 hours /played)

Started Wednesday, 1/17 – join in anytime

3 official servers but you don’t have to join

Lots of minor rule clarifications, one major change

Almost 30 official participants so far

Shout out to MythGamingMN for streaming his N&A.

Mod of the Cast: Pawn

Mod of the Cast (Mike): All The Things

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