This Week in Trek Episode 325, “Two Baloks are better than one”

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Wilson Cruz is in the credits as a ”recurring guest star” because series regulars are exclusive to that project. He can’t be exclusive because he is also recurring on another series called 13 Reasons Why.

“Star Trek: Deep Space Nine — Volume 2” soundtrack collection is now available at

March 6 on Netflix: ALIENS ATE MY HOMEWORK is a new film featuring William Shatner.

Cosmos S2 coming

Finally, Seattle! Remembering Leonard Nimoy will air on KBTC – February 22nd at 9pm.

Ten Forward:

Chris on Twitter: Who do u think would have been a great guest star on TOS when it aired in the 60’s?

Star Trek in pop culture:

Camp Nowhere, 1994. Christopher Lloyd, Also Kate Mulgrew & Jonathan Frakes.

In this scene, the kids are writing a fake letter to home cuz they’re actually not at camp.


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