World Of Warcast Episode 259, “Need more coffee”

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Special guest Cara (@Xanadara) joins us!


Finished Argus storyline

Completely forgot about the new dungeon, will have to do that tonight.

Yaaarrrr! Talk like a pirate day.

New item – insult book

If you’re wondering how to get Steamwheedle rep back – Silk cloth turn-ins

Spent some time this week playing Fortnite


OOPS I wiped my addons

map error caused by Mappy “Large gathering nodes” checkbox

lost my weakauras. mogit outfits. pet battle teams. adibags custom filters 😩

remember to save your Interface and WTF folders every so often

Raiding – the balance between casual and progression between beating normals and new raids coming out; hadn’t had to do that yet in Legion but we did in Warlords

My team got 3 heroics down! Woot! Goroth, Demonic Inquisition, and Harjatan

Worked on Misstress Sass’zine for an hour, oy

I’m trying to enjoy the new stuff and not rush through it, but I find myself having to be in the right mindset to focus and get really sucked in… vs just playing with audio/video on 2nd monitor – I want to learn the lore and pay attention to details but my perfectionism is sneaking up and keeping me from doing it because if it’s not perfect why bother

How’s your digital declutter going with old bank mats?


Mists of Pandaria timewalking is out

Brewfest is out – til October 6th

i880 gear from Coren Direbrew

Stout Alemental

Brewfest Keg Pony! (I still don’t have it….or the Headless Horseman)

And who doesn’t want a sausage hat?

2hr exp buff! Level your alts!

Holiday mogs

Hearthstone innkeeper’s tavern cookbook out Nov. 7

Massive spoilers in 7.3.2. Why isn’t it 7.3.5?

PTR Datamined ilevel 1000 legendary upgrade tokens


“Book #54, a World of Warcraft novel, has been sent to the editor!”

Junkertown is out in Overwatch, along with the changes to heroes.

Eric is excited to take out Pharah with Mercy

Volskaya on the Heroes PTR

Blizzcon Virtual Ticket videos before Blizzcon!

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