World Of Warcast Episode 256, “Not compatible with cats”

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Started on Argus campaign with rogue (as predicted)

Still playing Diablo 3 but having some repetitive motion injury issues with right hand

Ditched Bagnon for ArkInventory

Pleased with TV appearance on THE DEAD FILES – and cancelled Sling (HDTV antenna works great – between that and Amazon Prime’s Thursday Night Football, Giants season is saved!)

Caught 3rd eagle this week


Argus! Wait, it’s only one chapter?

Can’t do the dungeon yet

What’s this cloth?


Chests everywhere

Couldn’t get enough items for the i880 gear (not that I need it)

Mobs aren’t that hard to kill.

What’s with the eye quest?

20% more damage in/out?

Some guy’s been buying my stuff on the AH and not making a profit


Tomb of Sargeras w/Ali

This Week in Wow

One word: Argus

Next week: Mac’Aree zone opens, unlock Invasion Points, and a questline to open Greater Invasion Points that can drop 930 gear.

For those who aren’t into Argus, it’s Cataclysm Timewalking.

The Archaeology reward for next 2 weeks is a toy called the Crystalline Eye of Undravius, which lets you look around and see invisible NPCs as demons or changes existing NPCs into demons for 15 seconds (apparently Khadgar is a succubus). If you’re a toy collector or are after your 8 archaeology quests for a new artifact tint, go for it. Collecting 300 toys will get you a mount, the Mechanized Lumber Extractor.

7.3 News

Nightfallen reputation requirements removed from several Suramar quests, making it possible to complete the Suramar campaign without reputation gates.

Undocumented changes

Artifact catch-up for alts:

Artifact Knowledge now starts at 41 regardless of book

Removes Class Hall Campaign for third relic slot

Removes Broken Shore campaign to unlock Empowered Traits

Higher drop rate for artifact appearances, and you can get them for artifacts you own that you aren’t currently using (off spec)

I880 Relinquished Gear no longer available to purchase with Nethershards.

Completing opening Broken Shore scenario on one character is required to unlock Argus

Reduced requirements for Breaching the Tomb – example, you only need 50 Mark of Sentinax instead of 100

Timewalking dungeon loot starts at 880, and Black Temple timewalking loot starts at 930.

Lots of Tomb of Sargeras changes – mostly nerfs

Nomi Work Orders can now yield Broken Islands Recipe Scrap (drop rate lower than Nomi Snacks). 10 scraps = one undiscovered recipe

Fishing Round the Isles achievement now requires 20 world fishing quests, not all of them

Levitating players can now jump

Lightning Bolt and Chain Lightning updated animations were not implemented. Apparently they got bad reviews on the PTR.

Two new class hall follower catch-up items added to Warmage Kathleen at Deliverance Point: Grimoire of Lost Knowledge (adds 6000 XP to follower for 2500 nethershards) and Relinquished Armor Set (sets champion iLevel to 880 for 400 nethershards)

New missions for followers may be related to a new side quest, available to players after completing the An Offering of Light main quest series. These side quests unlock a new type of troop or missions that offer new follower equipment

Helpful toy: Sightless Eye (not to be confused with the Sightless Eye currency) – makes you much less detectable to mobs on Argus or Broken Shore for 10 minutes, with a 5 minute cooldown. Any damage, including falling damage, breaks this. (Or just make a rogue)

Diablification #1: Antaen Light-Bringer in the first part of Argus — after the first few quests, you join Kil’jaeden and Prophet Velen to destroy a siege weapon that looks like a large green portal of some type

Spoiler: it pops up and it’s a big mob

Ren: Recognized this IMMEDIATELY because it looks almost exactly like a mob called the Realmwalker in the Battlefields of Eternity level in Act IV of D3, who is a giant mob who hides in the ground with a big portal eye on his head. Knew what was going to happen

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