This Week in Trek Episode 305, “May cause anatomical inversion”

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Mike visited the Enterprise

Bryan Fuller was pushed out because his scripts were months late & overbudget.

Discovery S1: Klingon War. S2: Aftermath of Klingon War. S3: in work.

Lootcrate Star Trek edition: Every other month starting Dec 2017. $39.99 for 1 or $34.99 for 6 – paid all at once.

Anovos now has TNG skants (female only)

@jbillingsly60 (Dr Phlox) is now on Twitter.

From @Asetisis

Ten Forward:

Chris on Twitter: Which Trek character do u think had the biggest impact in the series they were in: Spot or Porthos?

Star Trek in pop culture:

This Leapfrog learning toy may have borrowed from Captain Picard (thanks “how now” on twitter)


Episode insight: ENT: S3 Impulse

Subspace communications

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