World Of Warcast Episode 255, “Banned From Argo”

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Cable cutting: Sling TV, HDTV antennas, solutions for watching football

Played opening scenario for Argus

What is it with night elves and bottled water?

Don’t see myself going through this with more than one character


Another legendary (waist)

Got it from the world boss on the Isle


Working on getting the tokens for the next legendary upgrade.

No new mounts.

Forgot about Trial of Style


Patch 7.3 NEXT WEEK

Other worlds??

Seat of the Triumverate – new dungeon

4 bosses

Argus WQs (no surprise)

Artifact customization

New combat animations

New items for mining, herbalism, skinning, tailoring, and shoulder enchants

Achievements for the number of tabards you have.

Class changes

Broken Shore now has an emissary quest

New factions: Army of Light and Argussian Reach – both advance with world quests, emissary quests, order hall missions and weekly quests

Army of Light – Exalted reward: Lightforged Warframe mount for the low low price of 500k gold – looks like a gold mechanical golem

Argussian Reach

Exalted reputation paragon caches can include one of three Elekk mounts

Other rewards

Not a fan of the Hearthstone musical

Not understanding the marketing behind it.

Kel’Thuzad is the new hero in Heroes of the Storm

What was with Jaina? lol

Ali-Yesterday at 11:34 PM

Oh hey everyone @here ….make sure to turn in your Legionfall Supplies before the patch. Once it drops, you’ll no longer get the chests from that and the ap reward is also reduced.(edited)

Email from Zak

We fall down a rabbit hole about rare items from Uldaman.



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