World Of Warcast Episode 254, “The race is on”

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Still feel like I’m waiting around for 7.3 – marking time

Love the lighting effects in Dalaran

Update on The Dead Files

RL achievement: Banded first bald eagle of the year, posted picture on Twitter.


Yes, there’s a level 1 mount

SPriest is terrible at leveling, not bad in dungeons (but could be better)

Leveled up my DH and *love it*

Trial of Style!

This week:

Legion Dungeon event

Spirit of Ech’ero mount for weekly archaeology

Trial of Style mini-event starts today and goes til Tuesday

5 players given 2 minutes to create a transmog based on a theme – some PTR themes have included Summer Styles, Winter Wear, Mismatched Mayhem, Fun and Flirty, Tabard Time, Faction Pride, Epic Purple, and of course, the ever popular Freestyle

You can’t see what your competitors are doing as they appear to be wearing smocks to cover their transmogs until the unveiling

Contestants are pulled onto a stage where people can vote on two at a time – strike a pose such as /wave, /cheer, or /dance

After several rounds of voting, prizes are awarded, 1st through 3rd and Consolation. Contains Trial of Style tokens that can be traded for transmog gear in Dalaran

Some complaints on forums of people getting kicked from scenario groups and getting a 30 minute deserter debuff


7.3 – details will be announced at Gamescon via the Blizzard Reveal Ceremony on Wed 23rd

Also at Gamescon – WoW European Championship Finals, and two top Euro guilds (Nova and Set Sail for Fail) will race each other in a live mythic showdown

Whispers of a Frightened World scenario live as of Tuesday

Without spoilers: get a quest to go to Sholazar Basin and meet with Magni, to enter the Hall of Communion at Maker’s Overlook. Starts a scenario.

Getting high reviews from people who have completed it

New combat and casting animations shown

Resto Druid

Blood Elf Female Ranged Attack

All Mage Specs

Holy Priest

Shadow Priest

Elemental Shaman

Item level changes in 7.3

Dungeon item level drops will be each going up one rung. Normal will move from 825 to 845; heroic from 845 to 865; mythic from 865 to 885.

The Name Change that Didn’t

Blizzard announced almost a year ago it was going to shift from “” to “Blizzard” for its online services

Branding change fail: they decided they will become “Blizzard”

Activision Blizzard Investor call – 2nd Q 2017 (April through June)

Blizzard reported: All time record monthly active users, up 38% from last year

All time record daily active users and Q2 record time spent

Legion continues to outperform Warlords

Overwatch monthly active users have increased each quarter since launch, rose to a new all time high in Q2

Net revenues of over $3.3 billion (just Blizzard)

Blizaard outperforming the other divisions (Activision and King). Activision has titles such as Call of Duty, Destiny and SKylanders, and King brings you Candy Crush, Pet Rescue, Farm Heroes and Bubble Witch



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