This Week in Trek Episode 302, “Kurzodo”

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People on twitter should stop being awful and nasty to the DSC team. Nobody deserves hatred.

“There will be technobabble”.

The whole “No God” thing was a misunderstanding. It’s allowed.


James Cawley has a new Fan Film Academy

Kol has a Starfleet emblem. @isolinearchick noticed.

TNG cast reunion (without Frakes)

VOY cast reunion

DSC panels

Ten Forward:

Chris on Twitter: Two more observations about The Inner Light: only had one story and ZERO action in it. A lot can be said about that.

Which is a funnier episode: A Piece of the Action or The Trouble with Tribbles?

Star Trek in pop culture:

Suggested by Jordan McKinley

Over the Hedge – 2006, one of the characters voiced by William Shatner

This dialog happens during the end credits.


Last week in Trek

Episode insight: Continuing the body-inhabiting theme – DS9: Facets – suggested by Matthew

Last week’s episode (“Unexpected”) was suggested by Anisha

Character insight – Worf in DS9

Subspace communications



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