World Of Warcast Episode 246, “900 or higher”

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Tomb of Sargeras is open.

Midsummer Fire Festival

Book of Matches – 500 blossoms

Sets you on fire, and running screaming!!

Gathered all 500 in maybe 2 hours or less

Other new pets

There’s a new(?) helm for 350 blossoms

Candy Buckets addon helps a lot

Blizzard signs two-year exclusive deal with Twitch to stream eSports

More Blizzcon tickets go on sale July 5

Great, but what will that do for an already-full hotel scene?

Overwatch: new map – Lunar Colony

Overwatch: get a golden crate with a Twitch Prime account


All you need to know about how to farm the damn Vial of the Sands recipe.

Why did the price of Blood of the Mountain skyrocket last week?

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