This Week in Trek Episode 204, “Needs more cowbell”

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Our interview with Ashley Robinson who plays Ensign Williams from The Red Shirt Diaries. Season 2 starts Monday!


Next episode of Star Trek Continues (5) debuts at SLCC Sept 25, and for everyone else the next day.

William Shatner to write a book about Leonard Nimoy: “Leonard: A 50 Year Friendship” and is due for release in 2016 by St. Martin’s Press.

The Smithsonian is looking for photos taken prior to 1976 to help with the restoration. I sent in my 3 from 1974.

Ten Forward:

Chris on Twitter: Why does the Romulan cloaking device look like Nomad? Surely they could have made a better prop even in season 3.

Cuz it was Nomad, Sargon, Flint’s servantbot

Star Trek in pop culture:

American Dad. Patrick Stewart made many appearances. Here’s one.

Episode insight: TNG: Where Silence Has Lease

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