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World Of Warcast Episode 259, “Need more coffee”

World Of Warcast Episode 259, “Need more coffee”

| September 21, 2017 | 0 Comments



Special guest Cara (@Xanadara) joins us!


Finished Argus storyline

Completely forgot about the new dungeon, will have to do that tonight.

Yaaarrrr! Talk like a pirate day.

New item – insult book

If you’re wondering how to get Steamwheedle rep back – Silk cloth turn-ins

Spent some time this week playing Fortnite


OOPS I wiped my addons

map error caused by Mappy “Large gathering nodes” checkbox

lost my weakauras. mogit outfits. pet battle teams. adibags custom filters 😩

remember to save your Interface and WTF folders every so often

Raiding – the balance between casual and progression between beating normals and new raids coming out; hadn’t had to do that yet in Legion but we did in Warlords

My team got 3 heroics down! Woot! Goroth, Demonic Inquisition, and Harjatan

Worked on Misstress Sass’zine for an hour, oy

I’m trying to enjoy the new stuff and not rush through it, but I find myself having to be in the right mindset to focus and get really sucked in… vs just playing with audio/video on 2nd monitor – I want to learn the lore and pay attention to details but my perfectionism is sneaking up and keeping me from doing it because if it’s not perfect why bother

How’s your digital declutter going with old bank mats?


Mists of Pandaria timewalking is out

Brewfest is out – til October 6th

i880 gear from Coren Direbrew

Stout Alemental

Brewfest Keg Pony! (I still don’t have it….or the Headless Horseman)

And who doesn’t want a sausage hat?

2hr exp buff! Level your alts!

Holiday mogs

Hearthstone innkeeper’s tavern cookbook out Nov. 7

Massive spoilers in 7.3.2. Why isn’t it 7.3.5?

PTR Datamined ilevel 1000 legendary upgrade tokens


“Book #54, a World of Warcraft novel, has been sent to the editor!”

Junkertown is out in Overwatch, along with the changes to heroes.

Eric is excited to take out Pharah with Mercy

Volskaya on the Heroes PTR

Blizzcon Virtual Ticket videos before Blizzcon!

This Week in Trek Episode 308, “Zoom and enhance”

This Week in Trek Episode 308, “Zoom and enhance”

| September 19, 2017 | 0 Comments




Discovery will have a mirror universe episode (directed by Frakes?)

Disc First 4 episode titles:

“The Vulcan Hello”

“Battle at the Binary Stars”

“Context is for Kings”

“The butcher’s knife cares not for the lamb’s cry”

First 2 hours shown tonight at 5pm.

50th anniversary TOS Polar Lights 1/350 model has amazing decals where originals were crappy.

Orville: Better than last week.

Ten Forward:

Chris on Twitter: Is it unfair to try to apply today’s moral standards to a show that was made in the 60’s?

Star Trek in pop culture:

Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel, 2009.


Last week in Trek

Episode insight: DS9, S5: Rapture

Character insight – Admiral Gregory Quinn and Dexter Remmick

Subspace communications

World Of Warcast Episode 257, “Turtle Ring Toss Time”

World Of Warcast Episode 257, “Turtle Ring Toss Time”

| September 7, 2017 | 0 Comments


Farmed for the recipe. Took about 20m.

I had 72 Shadow Silk in my inventory (ha! pack rat!)

Make 8 Shadoweave Masks. Farmed more silk. Total at the end of the day, over 80k gold.

Finished chapter 2 of Argus

Bug in a invasion point Naigtal – Spores give 1M damage/tick, kept getting it on rez.

Problem – skull mobs walk around, can really hurt you.

Spore bug

Not a lot of room to move

Very hard to do solo unless you know how to maneuver

Got my Sulfuras – Hand of Ragnaros Legendary on my DK


Arena Skirmish Bonus Event

Darkmoon Faire r

Stupid dirgible is 1000 tickets


Argus won’t have flying (but we knew that)

The Flying on Argus debate: the tl;dr version

Argussian Emissary Quests should now require 3 WQs

Fel lava on Argus no longer damages pets

Invasion points

Available after finishing the second chapter of Argus in Mac’aree

Starts with a quest from Ilidan, “Where They Least Expect It” to enter an invasion point to kill the legion commander

Followup quest: recover 15 Argus Waystones to unlock Greater Invasion Points

Invasion Points repeatable – you don’t need to be in a party to enter it. Will get credit just from zoning in. Finishing grants Artifact Power tokens, Argus Waystones and Veiled Aranite.

Each lasts 6 hours

Include Environmental hazards (watch your feet) and one unique objective

Three stages: fill a bar by killing trash, more mobs spawn, LEgion Commander spawns

If you wipe on Legion Commander, health will not reset

Greater Invasion Points – can do once per week – Argus world bosses drop 930 loot

Bring a Seal of Broken Fate for bonus rolls


This Week in Trek Episode 306, “Traveler Mystery Tour”

This Week in Trek Episode 306, “Traveler Mystery Tour”

| September 5, 2017 | 0 Comments


“The blue that dominates the Federation interface designs on Discovery will apparently evolve to something more TOS-like and colorful”

New trailer mentions “You are explorers” and “fortune favors the bold”.

Ten Forward:

Chris on Twitter: Compared to the first two seasons of TOS, do u feel the acting dropped significantly in the 3rd season?

Star Trek in pop culture:

TV Show: Ground Floor S1, E3

Part1: Guy explains how he is going to sit in a chair a certain way to impress the boss


Part2: The actual chair is very wide with arm rests, so he jumps over the back, ending up doing the splits on top of the arm rests.


Last week in Trek

Episode insight: TNG: S7 Journey’s End

Character insight – Dr. Lewis Zimmerman

Subspace communications

World Of Warcast Episode 256, “Not compatible with cats”

World Of Warcast Episode 256, “Not compatible with cats”

| August 31, 2017 | 0 Comments


Started on Argus campaign with rogue (as predicted)

Still playing Diablo 3 but having some repetitive motion injury issues with right hand

Ditched Bagnon for ArkInventory

Pleased with TV appearance on THE DEAD FILES – and cancelled Sling (HDTV antenna works great – between that and Amazon Prime’s Thursday Night Football, Giants season is saved!)

Caught 3rd eagle this week


Argus! Wait, it’s only one chapter?

Can’t do the dungeon yet

What’s this cloth?


Chests everywhere

Couldn’t get enough items for the i880 gear (not that I need it)

Mobs aren’t that hard to kill.

What’s with the eye quest?

20% more damage in/out?

Some guy’s been buying my stuff on the AH and not making a profit


Tomb of Sargeras w/Ali

This Week in Wow

One word: Argus

Next week: Mac’Aree zone opens, unlock Invasion Points, and a questline to open Greater Invasion Points that can drop 930 gear.

For those who aren’t into Argus, it’s Cataclysm Timewalking.

The Archaeology reward for next 2 weeks is a toy called the Crystalline Eye of Undravius, which lets you look around and see invisible NPCs as demons or changes existing NPCs into demons for 15 seconds (apparently Khadgar is a succubus). If you’re a toy collector or are after your 8 archaeology quests for a new artifact tint, go for it. Collecting 300 toys will get you a mount, the Mechanized Lumber Extractor.

7.3 News

Nightfallen reputation requirements removed from several Suramar quests, making it possible to complete the Suramar campaign without reputation gates.

Undocumented changes

Artifact catch-up for alts:

Artifact Knowledge now starts at 41 regardless of book

Removes Class Hall Campaign for third relic slot

Removes Broken Shore campaign to unlock Empowered Traits

Higher drop rate for artifact appearances, and you can get them for artifacts you own that you aren’t currently using (off spec)

I880 Relinquished Gear no longer available to purchase with Nethershards.

Completing opening Broken Shore scenario on one character is required to unlock Argus

Reduced requirements for Breaching the Tomb – example, you only need 50 Mark of Sentinax instead of 100

Timewalking dungeon loot starts at 880, and Black Temple timewalking loot starts at 930.

Lots of Tomb of Sargeras changes – mostly nerfs

Nomi Work Orders can now yield Broken Islands Recipe Scrap (drop rate lower than Nomi Snacks). 10 scraps = one undiscovered recipe

Fishing Round the Isles achievement now requires 20 world fishing quests, not all of them

Levitating players can now jump

Lightning Bolt and Chain Lightning updated animations were not implemented. Apparently they got bad reviews on the PTR.

Two new class hall follower catch-up items added to Warmage Kathleen at Deliverance Point: Grimoire of Lost Knowledge (adds 6000 XP to follower for 2500 nethershards) and Relinquished Armor Set (sets champion iLevel to 880 for 400 nethershards)

New missions for followers may be related to a new side quest, available to players after completing the An Offering of Light main quest series. These side quests unlock a new type of troop or missions that offer new follower equipment

Helpful toy: Sightless Eye (not to be confused with the Sightless Eye currency) – makes you much less detectable to mobs on Argus or Broken Shore for 10 minutes, with a 5 minute cooldown. Any damage, including falling damage, breaks this. (Or just make a rogue)

Diablification #1: Antaen Light-Bringer in the first part of Argus — after the first few quests, you join Kil’jaeden and Prophet Velen to destroy a siege weapon that looks like a large green portal of some type

Spoiler: it pops up and it’s a big mob

Ren: Recognized this IMMEDIATELY because it looks almost exactly like a mob called the Realmwalker in the Battlefields of Eternity level in Act IV of D3, who is a giant mob who hides in the ground with a big portal eye on his head. Knew what was going to happen

This Week in Trek Episode 305, “May cause anatomical inversion”

This Week in Trek Episode 305, “May cause anatomical inversion”

| August 29, 2017 | 0 Comments


Mike visited the Enterprise

Bryan Fuller was pushed out because his scripts were months late & overbudget.

Discovery S1: Klingon War. S2: Aftermath of Klingon War. S3: in work.

Lootcrate Star Trek edition: Every other month starting Dec 2017. $39.99 for 1 or $34.99 for 6 – paid all at once.

Anovos now has TNG skants (female only)

@jbillingsly60 (Dr Phlox) is now on Twitter.

From @Asetisis

Ten Forward:

Chris on Twitter: Which Trek character do u think had the biggest impact in the series they were in: Spot or Porthos?

Star Trek in pop culture:

This Leapfrog learning toy may have borrowed from Captain Picard (thanks “how now” on twitter)


Episode insight: ENT: S3 Impulse

Subspace communications

World Of Warcast Episode 255, “Banned From Argo”

World Of Warcast Episode 255, “Banned From Argo”

| August 24, 2017 | 0 Comments


Cable cutting: Sling TV, HDTV antennas, solutions for watching football

Played opening scenario for Argus

What is it with night elves and bottled water?

Don’t see myself going through this with more than one character


Another legendary (waist)

Got it from the world boss on the Isle


Working on getting the tokens for the next legendary upgrade.

No new mounts.

Forgot about Trial of Style


Patch 7.3 NEXT WEEK

Other worlds??

Seat of the Triumverate – new dungeon

4 bosses

Argus WQs (no surprise)

Artifact customization

New combat animations

New items for mining, herbalism, skinning, tailoring, and shoulder enchants

Achievements for the number of tabards you have.

Class changes

Broken Shore now has an emissary quest

New factions: Army of Light and Argussian Reach – both advance with world quests, emissary quests, order hall missions and weekly quests

Army of Light – Exalted reward: Lightforged Warframe mount for the low low price of 500k gold – looks like a gold mechanical golem

Argussian Reach

Exalted reputation paragon caches can include one of three Elekk mounts

Other rewards

Not a fan of the Hearthstone musical

Not understanding the marketing behind it.

Kel’Thuzad is the new hero in Heroes of the Storm

What was with Jaina? lol

Ali-Yesterday at 11:34 PM

Oh hey everyone @here ….make sure to turn in your Legionfall Supplies before the patch. Once it drops, you’ll no longer get the chests from that and the ap reward is also reduced.(edited)

Email from Zak

We fall down a rabbit hole about rare items from Uldaman.



This Week in Trek Episode 304, “You sank my virtual space cruiser”

This Week in Trek Episode 304, “You sank my virtual space cruiser”

| August 22, 2017 | 0 Comments


Terry Farrell and Adam Nimoy are engaged

QMX insignia badges $14.95 – not screen accurate, but better ones will come soon enough.

I have one!

From @EKavlar (Raven 322)

Ten Forward:

Chris on Twitter: What would be the synopsis of an episode of TOS written by you?

Star Trek in pop culture:

The Jean Claude Van Damme movie: Death Warrant. 1990. A computer nerd kid is helping his romantic interest do computer things.


Last week in Trek

Episode insight: TOS: A Taste of Armageddon

Character insight – Eclipses

Subspace communications



World Of Warcast Episode 254, “The race is on”

World Of Warcast Episode 254, “The race is on”

| August 17, 2017 | 0 Comments


Still feel like I’m waiting around for 7.3 – marking time

Love the lighting effects in Dalaran

Update on The Dead Files

RL achievement: Banded first bald eagle of the year, posted picture on Twitter.


Yes, there’s a level 1 mount

SPriest is terrible at leveling, not bad in dungeons (but could be better)

Leveled up my DH and *love it*

Trial of Style!

This week:

Legion Dungeon event

Spirit of Ech’ero mount for weekly archaeology

Trial of Style mini-event starts today and goes til Tuesday

5 players given 2 minutes to create a transmog based on a theme – some PTR themes have included Summer Styles, Winter Wear, Mismatched Mayhem, Fun and Flirty, Tabard Time, Faction Pride, Epic Purple, and of course, the ever popular Freestyle

You can’t see what your competitors are doing as they appear to be wearing smocks to cover their transmogs until the unveiling

Contestants are pulled onto a stage where people can vote on two at a time – strike a pose such as /wave, /cheer, or /dance

After several rounds of voting, prizes are awarded, 1st through 3rd and Consolation. Contains Trial of Style tokens that can be traded for transmog gear in Dalaran

Some complaints on forums of people getting kicked from scenario groups and getting a 30 minute deserter debuff


7.3 – details will be announced at Gamescon via the Blizzard Reveal Ceremony on Wed 23rd

Also at Gamescon – WoW European Championship Finals, and two top Euro guilds (Nova and Set Sail for Fail) will race each other in a live mythic showdown

Whispers of a Frightened World scenario live as of Tuesday

Without spoilers: get a quest to go to Sholazar Basin and meet with Magni, to enter the Hall of Communion at Maker’s Overlook. Starts a scenario.

Getting high reviews from people who have completed it

New combat and casting animations shown

Resto Druid

Blood Elf Female Ranged Attack

All Mage Specs

Holy Priest

Shadow Priest

Elemental Shaman

Item level changes in 7.3

Dungeon item level drops will be each going up one rung. Normal will move from 825 to 845; heroic from 845 to 865; mythic from 865 to 885.

The Name Change that Didn’t

Blizzard announced almost a year ago it was going to shift from “” to “Blizzard” for its online services

Branding change fail: they decided they will become “Blizzard”

Activision Blizzard Investor call – 2nd Q 2017 (April through June)

Blizzard reported: All time record monthly active users, up 38% from last year

All time record daily active users and Q2 record time spent

Legion continues to outperform Warlords

Overwatch monthly active users have increased each quarter since launch, rose to a new all time high in Q2

Net revenues of over $3.3 billion (just Blizzard)

Blizaard outperforming the other divisions (Activision and King). Activision has titles such as Call of Duty, Destiny and SKylanders, and King brings you Candy Crush, Pet Rescue, Farm Heroes and Bubble Witch



This Week in Trek Episode 303, “They’re made of bacon”

This Week in Trek Episode 303, “They’re made of bacon”

| August 15, 2017 | 0 Comments


Shortly before Fontana’s report, NBC had replaced its old Nielsen rating system with a new and updated one. When they ran the original figures through their new system they found out much to their surprise that it had not only reached full penetration into their most coveted target audience, the male population between 18 and 45, but also that the series had been one of the most successful series the network had ever aired. The sickening realization hit upon the dismayed network executives that they had slaughtered the proverbial goose that laid the golden eggs, something that every fan at the time could have told them.

Anovos: TAS Klingon tunic $50. Preorder now!

Star Trek cruise: 2 cruises the first 2 weeks of Jan 2018.

Complete Discovery merch licensing list:

Simon & Schuster for a worldwide publishing program

IDW for comics

Titan Entertainment for souvenir magazines

Disruptor Beam for a mobile game update to “Star Trek: Timelines”

Rubie’s for costumes

Eaglemoss for die-cast ship models

Trevco for t-shirts in the U.S.

Anovos for replicas of the new Starfleet uniforms in the U.S.

Rizzoli for calendars in the U.S.

McFarlane for figures in the U.S.

QMX for prop badges and replicas in the U.S.

FanSets for pins in the U.S.

Gentle Giant for 3D replicas in the U.S.

Danilo for calendars in Europe

Pyramid for posters, prints and fan gear in the U.K.

Cotton Division for apparel and accessories in France

Impact Rock for posters and prints in Australia.

Think Geek pin – $29.99, get a $24.95 CBSAA credit


Jason Isaacs says, “Fans are going to have to adjust”

Kurtzman says more Trek is possible, if people would stop crapping on this one:

“I think that’s totally possible, it was a really cool idea, but it wasn’t necessarily an idea that everyone immediately agreed with.”

“I think the idea might be that there are more Star Trek series [further down the line].”

Ten Forward:

Chris on Twitter: Have u ever referenced anything in Trek when giving advice to a friend?

Star Trek in pop culture:

Senior Skip Day (2008). Canadian high school party movie.


Last week in Trek

Episode insight: Voyager S1: Phage

Character insight – Ben Sisko

Subspace communications