World Of Warcast Episode 283, “Booty Bay has the worst doors”

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Have a new Highmountain Tauren – enhancement shaman

Got the noblegarden bunny

Working on the four hatchling pet quests — haven’t finished any of them


Exalted with Army of the Light.

8000 from exalted with Argussian Reach

Tol Dagar BfA dungeon

Odd thing about BfA – some people have quests, I don’t.

Finally finishing up getting followers to 950

Noblegarden fun

Field Medic

This Week in WoW

Pandaria Timewalking this week, Battleground Bonus event next week

Darkmoon Faire

Noblegarden (ends Monday)

March of the Tadpoles (Borean Tundra – ends tonight at midnight)

News: General and Current

April Fool’s patch notes

Remote Auction House is retiring on April 18th.

Realm connections

New round of realm connections is “on the way” to help with low pop servers.

Family Guy: a 30 second Leeroy Jenkins reference.

News: Battle for Azeroth

8 – 14 – 18

Ren’s Ridiculous Fun Facts about the History of Blizzcon Expansions

Collector’s Edition – box set

Limited edition hardcover edition – 2 new WoW novellas by Christie Golden and Robert Brooks

Horde & Alliance Double Sided Mark of Allegiance with stand

Digital soundtrack

Collector’s Edition box set owners will be able to unlock and create unreleased Allied Races in advance

If you bought Digital Deluxe and want Collector’s Edition box, you can get a refund on Digital Deluxe to balance

Digital Deluxe edition – mounts, pet

Island Expansions

Expedition table in Boralus Harbor (Alliance) or Zuldazar Harbor (Horde)

3 man – Normal, Heroic, Mythic or PvP – reward of 6,000 Azurite

Azurite: killing mobs, finding treasure, defeating the opposing team, or mining nodes

Drawn on “lessons learned” from past content like scenarios and keystone dungeons. Replayable content.

WoWhead interview with Jeremy “Muffinus” Feasel, Senior Game Designer for WoW

No death knights for allied races – tied to Lich King

Other possible rewards for Island Expeditions, like in the Timeless Isle

When asked whether quest and profession progression will be gated behind dungeons and raids: No real discussion yet on profession progression, although he did say he thought ending final part of certain questlines end in a dungeon was “super cool, as it is the best way to tell the end of the story”.

Felt that artifact weapon system was interesting in the beginning of the expansion but not at the end of it. Lots of choices in the beginning and none in the end.

Discussion about making certain things accountwide — seemed to think things were pretty OK the way they were. Too much accountwide stuff and characters lose identity, but opening areas, flying, etc., seem to be good kept accountwide.

Battle for Azeroth

Mag’har Orcs and Iron Dwarf allied races will be available after completing the Battle for Azeroth war campaign. Zandalari and Kul’Tiras will be unlocked later in the expansion.

BFA alpha lasting longer than in the past. Beta polishes features and features are still being added to alpha.

Six emissaries for each faction – 3 home continent, two neutral (Tortollan and Voice of Azeroth) and a War Faction with quests on the enemy continent.

8.0 prepatch

Likely a few weeks before the expansion

Will introduce the Burning of Teldrassil and Battle for Lordaeron. May be new mounts themed around Night Elves and Forsaken in conjunction with this event.

New details on PvP

New world PvP system called War Mode: players toggle PvP in a capitol city on any server. This will put them in a separate server shard, away from the PvE characters.

War Mode gives extra rewards and Azerite, and also allows access to special world PvP events.

PvP gear system revamp: conquest point system returning in the form of a bar you fill up to earn new gear each week. When you’re finished with a set, you can move up. There will be ways to skip ahead.

Changes to Honor and Prestige: honor levels will be account wide.

Naked and Afraid FInisher: Alcina, night elf mage — 110

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