World Of Warcast Episode 243, “I killed a door”

| June 1, 2017 | 0 Comments


Overwatch fun this weekend.

Transmog – yes, you can still get new vanilla stuff after 12+ years.


Reputation issues – go for 60? (hint: Mike is 67)


Overwatch competitive season 5 started this week.

Overwatch lunar colony on the PTR.

Tomb of Sargeras opens June 20

We’re close to our class mounts!

You can’t find a server without finding a covfefe. Good idea or was it a scheme by Blizz to get people to eventually change their name?

How do people feel about Twitch?

Darkmoon Faire

Thousand boat bash

Letter from Maxcorpious, human mage, Riders of Rohan, Argent Dawn – what are our hardware setups?

Mod of the cast:

Mike – Ackis Recipe List

Ren – Request for a rep mod

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